This summer, my family vacationed in Norfolk, spending time with relatives who have recently moved to the area.  We liked the place and thought the economic situation was suitable for buying an investment property.  

Initially, I was a bit skeptic about the prospects of purchasing, given that we are not US residents or citizens, and that we only had a few weeks to go through the entire process.   In hindsight, I should have been more skeptical – there are many potential pitfalls, it is not easy to find properties that match competitive global investment criteria, and one needs to make things work with many stakeholders and manage many variables. We did however manage to successfully close on a property, and as always in life, there were many factors that enabled this – not least a healthy dose of luck.  Nonetheless, if I had to distill the essence of our accomplishment to two words, I wouldn’t be hard pressed to come up with these.  They would be “Robert Pickles”. 

I’m a global investor with interests in many countries across five continents.  I’m also an executive in a global partnership that unites organizations engaged in research for a food secure future, which means I spend considerable amount of my time working with partners across the globe come together to collaborate on complex issues.  More often than not, trust in one’s interlocutors is the most important factor enabling complex deals to move forward.   Robert’s consistent display of the utmost professionalism, combined with the highest levels of integrity, completely won over ours.  As an economist, I know that people respond to incentives, and had expected an agent (who only gets paid if a deal is made) to be conditioned to looking at deals more favorably than I would as a client.  I was and am so impressed with the objective advice that we received every step of the way.  What’s more, the kind of customer service Robert provided can only be described as impeccable.  Prompt, available at all times, concise, delivers on every promise made, and often going beyond the call of duty to pick up the slack of other parties so that we - his clients – would get nothing less than the best possible service. 

It was a rare pleasure working with such a professional, and you can be proud to have Robert as part of your team.  Believe me when I say that I do not give such praise lightly!  

With best wishes,

Dr. Dror


Arrived from Italy with a very short shopping window.  We saw several new construction communities and over a dozen homes/models  in two days. We found the perfect home with regards to what it had to offer, the price point and the drive time to work.  We wrote an offer that obligated the builder to pay all the closing costs and almost $2,000 towards our car loan, and  We got our $1,000 back. Then Robert managed to get the builder, lender, appraiser and closing agents to expedite the closing and closed in just over 2 weeks. Overall everything went great!

 Samantha - posted to Angies List


"Thank you for the prayers, I really do need them. I really do appreciate you and Heather for all your hard work. I've heard a lot of horror stories about realtors and I know it was indeed divine intervention on my behalf, it wasn't by accident that I found SimonHouses website. I thank God for all you do for military families and helping us with our dreams. I will see you soon and I can't wait to see the pictures of the house. I wish I was a little closer so I could visit and take pictures from start to finish. Thank you again..."

Nora M.


Robert helped me buy my first home just over four years ago. He did an excellent job identifying and meeting our needs, and made the process a smooth as possible. Four years later we are moving and excited to be working with him as our listing agent. By leveraging technology and professional services, he has ensured the best possible listing with the most exposure and streamlined the process again. I've recommended him to several friends for both listing and buying, and I'm sure he will provide the same excellent service.

Chris B.


I recently closed on my first home, a new construction, and Robert was my buyer's agent. As a millennial, I prefer to do most of my "shopping" online so I don't have to deal with sales pitches or personal agendas. I felt like I could do enough research on my own and that an agent was unnecessary, especially with new construction. However, after many friendly "suggestions" from my parents, I decided to hire a buyer's agent and was fortunate to find Robert.


After our initial meeting I felt no pressure to work with him and was confident he would have my best interests in mind if I did. Once we decided to work together he immediately started researching the builders I was considering and even offered an additional choice. He had experience working with all of them and was able to give me the "inside scoop" on their reputation and what it might be like to work with each. Robert then drove me to the building sites and other completed projects by the builders, usually on weekends and late evenings to accommodate my work schedule. His expertise gave me the peace of mind that my final choice was the best for me and there would be no chance of buyer's remorse.


Finally, Robert was there for me every step of the way during the building process. From selecting options, to the pre-drywall meeting, all the way to closing, Robert shared his experience and enlightened me on issues I would not have considered otherwise.


If you are looking for an agent that is honest, responsive, and willing to do "the little things" on your behalf, I would recommend you meet with Robert. I cannot imagine my experience going any better than it did.

Ryan M. 


Mr. Robert Pickles did an outstanding job as our Realtor. The whole process of purchasing our home was seamless and this is due to his patience with us while explaining every process along the way, his amazing expertise in all of the details and his genuine sincerity of looking out for our best interests. Our experience with Robert was such a great one in purchasing our home that we are returning as sellers of a rental and have every bit of confidence that he will once again deliver! I would enthusiastically recommend Robert to anyone requiring a Realtor!!!



Mr. Pickles was referred to me by one of my coworkers during my first deployment in the Navy. From the first phone call, I knew he was the agent I wanted to go with. He did an outstanding job understanding what we were looking for and taking us to see as many properties necessary. What I also enjoyed about the experience was how convenient he made it for my wife who was living in New York City at the time. He made sure she was informed about everything we were doing and at times he would use his I Pad to FaceTime my wife when she couldn't be there. Anytime I called Mr. Pickles or sent him a message, he would respond immediately. When we found the house we wanted to buy he negotiated to get us the best deal possible. He made the home buying process very fun and smooth for my family. Since then several friends and family members have used Mr. Pickles and they all love and appreciate the highest degree of service Mr. Pickles provided. I am currently working with Mr. Pickles on buying my second property. I am very excited to work with him again.

Daniel C.


Mr. Pickles did an amazing job as my agent. I was referred to him by a co worker, and he met every expectation that I had. Even working late and being able to accommodate my hectic work schedule made buying a home with him stress free and easy going. I highly recommend Robert to anyone looking to buy or sell their home.

Taylor G.


Robert did a fantastic job assisting me and my fiance with the purchase of our first home. We were very naive to the entire process; and he took his time and effort not only to help us, but to educate us. I felt comfortable with his expertise. The initial visit really put us at ease, he set expectations as home owners and his own expectations as a realtor. No smoke and mirrors, we ended up getting a home that met everything on our list, and peace of mind knowing it was inspected and financed through the best.

He genuinely cares about your experience and it shows. I've appreciated everything he's done for me and can't wait to work with him again.

Kirsten S.


Mr. Pickles help us buy our very first house. Before that he gave us a consultation to help us buy a house that was very helpful. We had a bunch of questions and helped us through each one and never complained that we were asking too much. He also suggested a great home inspector as well as a great mortgage company. I barely had to lift a finger to purchase this house.

Patrick M.


Mr. Robert was very helpful to me and my family. He was very honest and serious about business relationship. I never had a problem to contact him any time, he returned my calls, and helped me find the best deal. Thank God for such man on earth.

Gerson S.


Robert takes the time to explain the whole home buying process through a structured 1 to 3 hour course. Its an investment in his time he wants to make sure you understand everything and if you need more time or more questions he takes the time. It all depends on how many questions you have or how quickly you want to go through it.

Robert listens to you and gives unbiased feedback so you can make an informed decision. He isn't pushy and responds to questions via email or telephone timely.

I was concerned about picking a house in a flood zone and he checked the flood zones to be sure it wasn't.

Once we picked our home, he helped us negotiate a price and kept us informed throughout the closing process.

Brian W.


We are currently building a home in Suffolk, and the process has been so easy thanks to Robert. We had limited time to look at builders work and the floor plans and had a long window before we needed to close. Before we even got down there Robert had sent me floor plans and specs on at least 50 homes so we were well prepared. My husband and I have done a lot of house hunting and talking to different realtors in our time together, so we are a little cautious about trusting the agents but with Robert we felt completely comfortable and had no problem trusting him. He was completely upfront about our options and the different builders we would be dealing with and talking to. He was great about keeping us grounded on our budget options and what upgrades would be useful with our large family, he also knew who could accommodate our 6 person family within our budget. Overall we have been pleasantly surprised and impressed with Robert.

Sarah S.


I arrived in the US last year, from Europe, for a short stay, and Robert helped me to buy a house. In cases like mine people usually rent houses, but even if I had very little time to find a solution, I decided to evaluate also buying.

As soon as I started to give some looks to the market, that is quite different from Europe, I immediately realized that without help it could have been very risky to buy a house! Robert was the right person at the right moment: he is very professional, skilled and relyable. He immediately undertood that first of all I had to become confident with US and Virginia Beach house market, so he patiently explain me every possible aspect, thoroughly analyzing all pros and cons of buying rather than renting when the stay is short. Robert was so effective and efficient that after just a month since I started to think about buying, I had the key of my new home in my hand! Thak you Robert!

Claudio Z.


I highly recommend Robert Pickles because, My husband and I were in an interesting situation at the time he was deployed & I was in another state until we closed on our house, this also was our very first time buying a house & knew nothing about the process, we tried working with several other realtors that didn't explain much & weren't in contact with us much. At some point I came across Robert's page & I am so thankful we did, even though we could never meet until the end of the process it didn't even matter because he was always there when I needed help with anything, he always replied quickly & at one point he even took time out of his evening to call and help me with my concerns. He recommended a great local lender, & explained why that is the better way to go. Once we found the home we were interested in, we couldn't go & look at it due to us not being in the area, so he went & drove past the place at night to see how he area was to make sure it wasn't a bad neighborhood since we were newly parents, He also went & walked through the house with me on Skype from his phone! I mean how many realtors would go out of their way like that to help someone? not many. I am honestly so grateful! Here we are almost 4 years later, & we are working with him again to help us sell our home before moving out of the state & I can not think of having anyone else help us!

Courtney M. 


I would recommend Robert Pickles because he has integrity, knowledge, trust, patience, and understanding. He asks the customer what they want, listens to them, walks them through the process, and assists them to get at their dream home. He puts the customer’s needs and desires first.

Bob and Team Homedog are the total package. They are very professional, dedicated, detailed, and honest. This is what makes Bob and his team stand out in the business. They all have your best interest at heart. I consider Team Homedog my friends who helped me get into my first home.

I am a first time homebuyer and Robert not only walked me through the entire home buying process but gave me a 2 ½ hour class with a binder full of pertinent information explaining every piece of the process. I still refer to that binder even though I have been in my new home for several months.

I would not be in my home today if it were not for the team’s dedication to fulfill my needs and answer my many questions.

Iris L.


We recently moved into our dream house in Virginia Beach. Its a custom built house in "North Shore at Ridgely Manor" neighborhood. Bob made it all happen. Bob was involved since day one - from inception till completion and much more. He understood us, analyzed our requirements, made us believe that it can be done, introduced us to custom builders, interviewed builders with us, helped select floor plans, made endless tours to different neighborhoods to show products offered by builders, made us understand "modesty" when we were going above and beyond and more importantly helped us gett our loan financed taking advantage of unique products offered by local banks.

Bob and team is a complete package. I always say - there is a difference in being literate and being educated. Bob is educated, more so enlightened :-)

Vivin D.


My wife and I have bought and sold properties six times (working on 7) in our 63 years. Dealt with many agents. Don't waste your time on any one else

Robert is the best ! Lets face it Real Estate Agents are sales people, they will answer your questions cheerfully (on their behalf) in order to make a quick sale. Robert responds to your questions by making sure that you are happy with your purchase no matter how long it takes. (Patience,Trust, Honesty & Integrity).can't be taught in school or by experience. Friends usually have these qualities. Give Robert a chance to be your FRIEND. I don't think you will be sorry. I hope to find someone like him in N. Attleboro MA.



Robert and his Homedog team are the best in the business. They were very detailed and intimate during our home purchase process. We moved from TN to VA. Buying a home is difficult enough without the challenges of moving from state to state. Robert and his team, treated us with so much dignity, respect, and compassion that I now claim them as my family! His technique of "not just selling you a house, but helping you to find the Home that you Love" is literally the relationship that he approaches and nurtures with his clients. His honesty and integrity is beyond reproach. During the home buying process, I experienced a medical emergency (while traveling to VA to meet up with him). He and his entire team was there for me and my family the entire time. I truly do not know what would have happened if I did not have him representing and caring for me. I love the Homedog Team, and I know that you will too!

Samantha S.


When my wife and I were house hunting we met with quite a few different agents. None of the agents that we met with were bad but they just weren't great. We met with Robert and his professionalism, dedication, and pure genuine personality sold us. He always responded to all of our messages promptly. He never kept any of the important little details from us. But most importantly he developed a relationship with us and was always able to meet our needs and wants even if we didn't fully understand our needs and wants as first time home buyers. Robert was a HUGE reason that our home buying experience was not just a success but also enjoyable.

Bryon B.


Robert always responded to any and all requests made by us. My wife and I are very please to recommend Robert to anyone looking to purchase a home. Robert goes way above and beyond what would be expected to find the right property for our needs.

Charles P.