If you've EVER needed a great example of why it's SO important for you to hire a dedicated Buyer Agent to assist you with your home buying needs...this is it.

Yesterday I was out Facetiming and showing homes with an out-of-state military family I'm working with that's PCS'ing here in July.

24 hours after this beautiful home hit the market the seller had multiple offers. When I arrived during my scheduled showing time I pulled up to find there was already a family inside viewing the home. Additionally, as you can see in the photo, 3 families were waiting in line in front of me, and 2 more arrived behind me. With inventory being so low we were already heading in this direction of demand for homes being greater than supply. Schools being canceled due to COVID accelerated it. Needless to say, I had to wait in line 45+ minutes before I could enter the home.

One of the families in the front of the line told me they were waiting for their agent to arrive. I could clearly see the frustration increasing on their faces as time went by. The agent they were calling wasn't answering or returning their calls. After they let multiple families behind them go by I asked them who their agent was. They explained that it was actually the listing agent of the home they'd scheduled an appointment with. At this point, that agent was 45 minutes late and not answering their calls. I explained to them how important it is for them to have their own representation. They responded they had a family member who is an agent they planned to use, but they didn't want to wait for them so they called the listing agent. The end result? They waited for over an hour and still never got to see this home.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE..... Don't let this happen to you or someone you care about. If you're in the market to buy a home position yourself for success from the very beginning. Hire a dedicated Buyer's Agent TODAY...not when you find a house you like enough to want to see in person. Did you know having Buyer's Agent representation costs nothing for you as the Buyer? Zero. Also, get your financing ready because, in this current market, I promise you these houses are not going to wait for you. Make sure your agent is also experienced enough to be confident in multiple offer situations, and one that has a great reputation within the real estate community. I have buyers that are winning homes in multiple offer situations not necessarily because their offer was higher, but simply because the listing agent knows how professional and smooth I run my business. People tend to want to work with people they know will help a transaction run smoothly. You know the saying... It's not always what you know but who you know!

This is the state of the Hampton Roads market right now. To say that there's a surplus of buyers to sellers is an understatement. If you or someone you know has considered selling now is an excellent time.

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