The tradition of a Housewarming Gift is one that dates back centuries, originally believed to have begun in medieval times. When a new home was raised in the community, the builders of the home & townspeople would gather for a celebration meal. Apple pies, sacks of flour, and salted pork were some of the first traditional gifts, and over time, other thoughtful items were added to the traditional basket.

Because of the genuine trust and support from families like yours, WE ARE GROWING! We are excited to begin extending that traditional housewarming gift-giving to every local client we’re able to serve.

HONEY: To enjoy the sweetness of life

PLANTS: A wish for prosperity

CANDLES: To lighten the dark times

WOOD: So that you may always have stability

SALT: So that your life may always have flavor

OIL: A hope for good health

FOOD: So that your home may never know hunger

With the market constantly shifting it’s important to position yourself with a team who can foresee market change, and apply new technology and professional expertise to traditional Real Estate practice.

If your, your friends & family, or coworkers are considering purchasing or selling this year, we would love to bring them into our family. Real Estate is an intrinsically emotional process, and one of the most important financial decisions anyone will make in their lifetime. A HUGE Thank You to every family we’ve served, and the Referrals you give and entrust us with. Together, we can help so many more families through the next exciting chapter of their lives!