Search for Hampton Roads homes within a specific school zone

Finding the right home is all about eliminating those that don't match your search criteria.  Often, my buyers are looking for a home in a specific school search, so we enhanced our advanced home search tool to help you do just that.  You can search by High, Middle or Elementary schools easily on the advanced home search form.    (soon, we will add the ability to search schools specifically by city, but in the mean time, the Advanced Home Search form is your friend!

1) Go to the Advanced Search form.  If you are already on the site, "advanced search" is linked in the bottom right of every search appliance, or as "refine search" on any search results page.

Trustworthy Advanced Home Search

Trustworthy refine home search


 2.  Now that you are at the advanced search form, you will see three selection fields for High, Middle and Elementary schools.  Pick the schools you are interested in and submit the search.  Please note, that these searches are all or none.  Its possible to pick a high school and middle or elementary school that do not overlap school zones which will result in 0 search results.

Trustworthy home search by school zone

The advanced search tool has other powerful features to make your home search more productive.  Stand by for more blog entries on this in the near future.