Spring is slowly drawing to a close and we’ve listed a few maintenance items below to help you relax knowing that your home is ready for all the fun summer days ahead. 


Monthly air filter maintenance is important for your air conditioner to function optimally.  How often you change your filter depends on several factors.  Most experts recommend changing your filter at least once every 90 days, or once every 60 days if you have pets or allergies. A good rule of thumb is to open the vent and check your filter’s cleanliness once a month.

A clogged/dirty filter is easily detectable and replacing it can save you money on your cooling bill and repair costs, reduce allergens and ultimately improve air quality.

Your filter label will tell you the type of filter required if it’s time to replace. You’ll want to look for a step or so above the economy filter; but avoid the “washable/reusable” ones.

Door and Window Trim 

Door and window trim maintenance only needs to be done annually.  Here’s how:

1)     Make sure the effectiveness of weather-stripping is up to standard. You should not be able to see or feel any air or water leakage along the trim. An easy way to detect is to inspect all windows and doors after it rains, and hold your hand up to all trim to feel for any drafts.

2)     Inspect the interior and exterior paint/stain.  If required, repair the finish being careful that your paints, stains or varnishes do not come in contact with the weather-stripping.

3)     Check the exterior caulking.  Remove old or loose caulking; replace with new.

4)     The windows and doors should open and close smoothly.

5)     Tighten any exposed screws.

6)     Clear the windows and doors of any dirt or dust.

Dryer Vent

Just like every other luxurious modern-day appliance, clothes dryers are an integral part of a functioning household. Unfortunately, lint build-up in your dryer can quickly become a fire hazard and a culprit for poisonous gas.  It only takes a little time once a year to maintain your dryer, prevent those dangers and keep your family safe.

1)     Unplug the clothes dryer.  Pull the dryer away from the wall until you have access to the vent.

2)     Loosen the clamp of the dryer and pull the vent away from the wall.

3)     Using a vacuum cleaner, remove as much lint as possible.

4)     Clean the removed vent tubing.  The entire pipe should be lint-free.

5)     Check the transition ducts connecting the dryer to the main vent.  If you have a plastic or vinyl duct it’s important to replace it with a metal duct.

6)     Check that the outdoor vent pipe is nest free and debris free.  Remove any lint build-up.

7)     Plug dryer back in and run for ten minutes to clear the remaining fluff and lint.

Deck or Porch

Decks & porches have become a low-cost way of adding floor space to your home.  They are also a great place to relax, entertain and dine.  Like everything, decks need maintenance to keep splinters and damage at bay 

1)  Inspect your deck for any protruding nails and loose wooden boards. You may also need to sand down any splintered areas. Then give your deck a thorough sweep.

 2)      2)  Clean the deck with a strong-pressure nozzle sprayer attached to your hose, or if you have it, a pressure washer.  You may need a diluted non-chlorine bleach to remove stains from the wood. Test in an inconspicuous area. You may need an acid-based deck cleaner should the bleach leave your deck looking washed out. Be sure to follow the product directions

          3After your deck has dried, lay tarps down to cover the surrounding garden and areas. It’s time to stain and seal your deck. You can just seal if you choose, which will add its own color depth. There are also many products that offer a stain and sealant in one. Always test the stain/sealant on a hidden part of the deck first to make sure you love the color.  You can purchase either oil or water based sealants; however, most professional sealants are oil-based.  Research the types of sealant before buying. If you prefer, call a professional for help.

*If you need a recommendation for a pro to help with any above projects give us a call! We have built relationships with several reliable contractors in the area. (757-500-2404)

That’s it for home maintenance tips for the month of May! Taking a little time each month to nurture the integrity of your home will not only keep the stress of mounding to-do projects at bay, but you’ll be able to enjoy the pride of ownership over and over. Not to mention your home and your ‘differed maintenance’ wallet will thank you. Take care of your home, take care of each other and we’ll see you next month!

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