Summer is officially in full swing!

The sound of children playing outdoors, grilled food & great company surround you.  The garden is looking great. All your hard work in maintaining your home is paying off.  It’s time for you to unwind and enjoy this break. We ALL need one every now and then. Why not relax with a good book or plan a vacation?  Whatever you choose, we hope you’re able to enjoy this time with family and friends and rest.

It’s so much easier to be productive with a contented mind, am-I-right? So if you’re feeling particularly motivated, this is a good month to get creative! Research laundry room makeovers, paint or stain that piece of furniture you’ve been considering revitalizing, discover the benefits of growing houseplants, or build that outdoor firepit that’s been on your wish list! Do something that not only helps you love your home even more, but satisfies the invaluable feeling of accomplishment.

DIY Laundry Room Makeover Ideas:

Furniture Painting Techniques:

Benefits of becoming a Houseplant Hobbyist:

Backyard Firepit Inspiration:


Yes, you should still check your filters this month! Regular filter maintenance is key to keeping your air conditioner function optimally.  Dirty filters also affect the quality of the air, increasing allergies.

     1)     Check your filter label to know if it needs to be cleaned or replaced.  It will also tell you the type of filter required if you need to replace the filter.

     2)     Clean or replace the filter.


 Take care of your home, take care of each other, we’ll see you next month!

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