So our neighbors are some of the most amazing, genuine, giving folks you’ll find. V is retired Navy, and S manages multiple Harris Teeters all over the Tidewater area. Since there’s no physical contact, we have a zone between our houses where we’ll drop stuff off to each other, or just talk and catch up. Here’s the important part I hope everyone can hear: S has been working 60+ hours a week these last few weeks, and through tears in her eyes told us that while there have been plenty of decent human beings coming in to get their groceries, there have also been those who have cussed her out for not having any more TP, someone called her evil for not having any more hams over the Easter weekend....just crazy stuff. And she’s exhausted having to deal with all the negativity with a smile on her face. So we did the only thing we have any control over in this crazy time...we made them dinner. 


Margaret took over some of her chicken tortilla soup and placed it in the drop-off zone, only to go outside later and find these flowers for us in its place. Like I said, they’re givers. Just wanted to put that out there and thank all of the decent human beings we know taking care of each other through all of this because at the end of the day-all we have is each other. Be a good human, consider the unsung heroes of this pandemic, and do what you can.