About Trustworthy Agents

Trustworthy Agents was formed to make a positive difference in the lives or our clients 

and in the real estate industry. Technology and the Internet have taken an ever-increasing role in buying and selling homes. With this shift is a tendency for home buyers & sellers to minimize in their mind, the value a client-focused real estate agent can bring. Not only that, but agents themselves seem to have lost focus of the full range of their fiduciary responsibilities,  focusing instead on sales production and staying on top of the leaderboards. Your Trustworthy Agent brings two traditional principles back into real estate, service where the client comes first and carefully honed real estate analytical skills.  

Every relationship, buying or selling, begins with a consultation meeting. Your agent knows that informed clients make sound decisions.  If you are buying a home, your agent will carefully and diligently learn and document "all" of your needs. While the home is probably at the forefront of your mind, your actual needs go well beyond how many beds, baths and price range you desire. Your needs should include drive time to work, your hobbies (what you want to live close to), schools, yard size, new construction, resale or renovated home preferences. . . If you are selling a home, you'll want a clear documented list of what is selling (and not selling) in your community. Sellers also need to know that their total needs are understood, for example, when do you need to move, and how do you price your property accordingly. Finally, your Trustworthy agent will mentor and coach you on the process from shopping/listing to settlement. Most of our clients are able to articulate the process better than newly licensed real estate agents.

If you are contemplating a home purchase or sale, Contact Us now to schedule your appointment with a Trustworthy agent. 

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