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Norfolk Virginia was incorporated as a city in 1736, but actually began as a settlement a hundred years earlier in 1636. Norfolk Virginia, has survived wars, epidemics and and fires, and more than one economic depression. Shortly before the turn of the 20th century, Norfolk became a major coal exporter with the establishment of the Norfolk; Western railway, and Lamberts Point was developed into a major transport hub.

Today, Norfolk is a strong city hosting several military bases, and has a thriving downtown. In the middle of downtown, you will find MacArthur Center, one of the area's premiere malls, the Nauticus, downtown waterside, many superb restaurants and a great nightlife. Norfolk Virginia, adopted a light rail system that makes it easy to get around, and surrounding cities are evaluating extensions that will improve getting in and out of Norfolk even easier.

If you are buying or selling a home in Norfolk, you deserve a Trustworthy agent to assist you in the process.  Our agents are familiar with the downtown condo offerings, and stay up with the gentrification that is currently taking place in many of the older Norfolk communities.  Are you looking for new construction in Norfolk?  Due to the age and maturity of the area, builders and real estate investors are constantly acquiring properties and either renovating older homes to look, feel and function like a brand new home, or in many instances they tear down the old home and build new homes in its place.  This gentrification process, is a part of Norfolks revitalization and provides some great deals for a buyer.   Buying in an area undergoing gentrification is one that needs to be done carefully, with an eye on the surrounding area, and your Trustworthy agent can help you in that evaluation.  Click here to see all of the new construction opportunities available in Norfolk Virginia.